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Training groups are small giving each participant personalized attention.  And we offer one-on-one training for a customized individual workout.  You will learn to set goals – specific, measurable and attainable.  And most importantly, you will have fun!  




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Bootcamp H.I.I.T 
Circuit style training using equipment and/or bodyweight with bouts of High Intensity Interval Training.  Modifications will be provided.  All levels welcome.

Yoga – Breathe Stretch & Strengthen
Simple stretches and postures that improve balance, flexibility and strength. Awareness of breath facilitates a calmer mind and release of tightness and tension. All levels welcome.

Gloves Mitts & More
Full body workout, incorporating gloves, mitts, heavy bag work, light weights, medicine balls, and more.  Your heart rate will rise, and your core will feel the effect.  All levels welcome.

Row & Grow 
Designed to give each participant both strength & cardio by rowing with the Concept 2 Rower in short durations, coupled with core and strength training. All levels welcome.

Surprise Mashup
Expect the unexpected. Sessions will incorporate any combination of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine/stability balls, TRX suspension training, gloves/mitts/heavy bag, rowers, Spinning and body weight exercises.  Prepare to sweat! All levels welcome.

Total Body Conditioning
Provides two options of a full-body workout. Justyna uses high repetitions primarily with barbells. Cheryl’s workout offers a fully body workout, often circuit style using various training modalities.  All levels welcome.

Each week the focus is on building endurance on the bike. The first week of each month the SPIN ride will be 30 minutes building up to 50 minutes by the end of the month. Each workout includes 15 minutes of strength and core.  All levels welcome.

Whether you are new to SPIN or a hardcore cyclist you will endure a challenging 30 minute ride followed by 30 minutes of strength & core exercises.  All levels welcome.

Whether you are new to SPIN or a hardcore cyclist, you will benefit from a challenging 30 minute ride followed by 30 minutes of core exercises.  All levels welcome.

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Phone: 203.841.7224
Open 7 days a week
308 Munger Lane
Bethlehem, CT 06751
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